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Four big advantage!YuJiZhiMei Four advantages of lighting?

Our advantages:

Authentic security, 3C certification, scale production, high-end LED brand

Cutting-edge technology, focused lighting, innovative brand, innovative

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Let your quality go closer and make
your life more tasteful!Make the quality closer to perfection and make your life more tasteful
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Focus on outdoor lighting product customization and
wholesale, normal manufacturer, production capacity!

The products are all set, the product is reliable, rock-solid, safe to choose

Parts testing, half-finished testing, product testing, aging testing, factory testing, quality control.

The project covers more than 20 provinces, 100 cities and nationally renowned clients.

With strong technical ability and high quality staff team, can respond to market demand at any time.

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ISO9001 international quality system certification;

"Quality first, customer first" business philosophy. In order to meet the needs of
customers, we can avoid customers' worries, cooperate with new and old customers and
create wealth together. To provide customers with perfect products and services.

The product is designed to have a full production line, and it has advanced manufactur
facilities, strong technology, and the technology to master the technology;

We will continuously strengthen our own construction, ensure product quality by strict
national standard and quality inspection, and provide good sales service.

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A steady stream of new products for our clients;

The product is based on the artistic concept and the consumer is the center;

Products fashionable, material quality, beautiful appearance, environmental protection,
easy installation, safety, energy saving, etc

It's for the lighting, the showroom, the hotel, the luxurious villa, the high-end clubhouse.

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Good customer service professional one-on-one, you'll be fine!

24 hours service, make customer satisfaction than expected;

Professional techs, and professional construction teams, provide you with a free, professional lighting

One - to - one service makes your heart, mind and heart comfortable.

Sunshine after-sales service team, consulting quick response, problem timely processing.

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Make the quality more perfect and make your life more tasteful!

Make the quality closer to perfection and make your life more tasteful


yujizhimei lighting technology factory is located in the pearl river delta of economic development - zhongshan city. Is a professional research and development, production LED outdoor lighting series of high-tech enterprises.
Innovation design idea, the high new technical content, exquisite production technology, perfect management system and excellent after-sales service, made in color changing, noble elegant beauty of the yu very digital lighting. Main products include: LED high-power projector, LED washing wall lamp, LED power decoration lamp, LED digital tube, LED point light source, LED digital display screen, LED meteor shower, etc. After several years of hard work, we have made new innovations, satisfied the demand of the market, and won praise and trust from customers.

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